Vending Machines in Metro Stations can Add to Passenger Convenience

January 30, 2020 Vending Machine 0
Vending Machines in Metro Stations

Passengers of the metro railway in the major cities of India are now getting used to a superior intra-city commuting experience as compared to their earlier experience of riding in overcrowded autorickshaws and buses. The metro rail network has come in as a much-needed relief to intra city commuters but it has also raised their expectations for better services. The metro railways across the country are doing most things right and a little more would make them just perfect. Automated vending machines supplying snack foods and light beverages in every metro station would take the metro railways closer to perfection.

Seamless and Hassle-Free Operations

Most people commuting on metro trains do it to go to their workplaces while the student community uses it to go to their institutions. They are all busy folks and they would like the vending machine automation to be perfect enough to dispense the product of their choice, fast. A few things need to be in perfect order for such smooth functionality – the vending machine should accept both cash as well as cashless payments and dispense the right product, fast. Needless to say that the products should be of the right quality as well.

Regular Servicing of Vending Machines

Many metro stations do have automated vending machines for dispensing tickets that improve the overall commuting experience when they function well. Unfortunately, the ticket vending machines don’t seem to be working smoothly most of the time due to numerous breakdowns. The other problem is that the service providers aren’t fast enough to resolve such issues on time. This could either be due to poor quality of the machines or inadequate servicing capability of the company contracted to provide servicing support.

Choose the Right Vending Machine Automation Solution

The question uppermost in the minds of metro railway managers is how to improve commuter convenience in the metro stations with good vending machines that function in a hassle-free manner. It’s one thing to have several vending machines installed across all metro stations and quite another to ensure their functionality and utilization is optimum. The frequency of breakdowns need to be minimized to a bare minimum and efforts made to achieve a zero breakdown ratio with best-in-class servicing support.

Revenue Earning Potential of Automated Vending Machines 

Vending machines aren’t just for dispensing packed goodies and tickets but can actually generate decent revenues if equipped with the appropriate functionality. A display screen on the machines’ operational interface can begin displaying ads and videos every time a customer uses a vending machine. Depending on the location of the vending machine and the frequency of usage it achieves on a regular basis, the earnings from selling display time to interested advertisers can be substantial. It will not just pay for the machine’s annual maintenance but also leave a decent surplus.


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