Partner with Us

We are not an incubator, or a venture capital firm. We refuse to be restricted by traditional corporate development models. We are a combination of an accelerator and a go-to thought partner. We bridge the gap between an idea and what it takes to turn it into a reality.

Our Business Models

External catalysts

We like to collaborate with exceptional individuals and organizations that dare to think beyond the conventional. If you need help to build the next ‘big thing’, we will give you strategic guidance, an office space to work in, access to all our resources and a roadmap to help you grow. Our product and technical teams will work intensively with you to design, develop and launch your idea. It’s that simple, really!

Internal catalysts

Our in-house team comprises of exceptional thinkers who constantly come up with ideas that deserve to be explored. Once we know we want to move forward with a concept, we look for product managers and highly-motivated individuals who live and breathe new-age technologies, to push that idea off into the world. If a work setup that runs on inspiration and innovation is on your radar, you have come to the right place!

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