Legal terms and conditions of doing business with Limitless Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Work Contract: Limitless Mobility Solutions’ legal policy does not allow any business to be undertaken with suppliers without a valid work contract. Any first-time supplier needs to undergo a one-time process of completing the legal formalities of enrollment before conducting any work with us. If a supplier is not legally enrolled into our system, Limitless Mobility Solutions would not be liable for any payment toward the said supplier.

Purchase Orders: Limitless Mobility Solutions does not endorse the conduct of any business without the issuance of a purchase order (PO). No employee of Limitless Mobility Solutions is allowed to issue any work without providing a valid purchase order to the supplier. All POs are released by our Accounts Department and all suppliers need to send a signed copy of the PO to our finance team. Correspondingly, all invoices must contain the parallel PO number and have a copy of the PO attached. Any invoice which does not contain a valid PO will be returned unpaid without any liability from Limitless Mobility Solutions.

Statement and delivery of work: The Statement of Work (SOW) must be reviewed in detail to understand the delivery timeline, proof of execution and terms of quality. This must be done before undertaking business or accepting a PO. Keep in mind that any work which fails to pass our quality check or reporting requirements will not be taken into consideration for payment.

Invoices: Our Accounts department verifies all invoices centrally, so please make sure that you are sending the invoices to the right address. Also, ensure that all the fields in the invoice are filled and the information provided is correct. Keep the following in mind:

  • Issue invoices after Limitless Mobility Solutions has accepted and/or verified the receipt of goods or services.
  • Invoices must carry the matching PO number and have a copy of the PO attached.
  • All information on the invoice must match with the corresponding PO information. You may attach the relevant POE and/or supporting documents like reports.
  • Any invoice which claims more than the amount mentioned in the PO will face automatic rejection
  • We do not accept post-dated invoices. The invoice must carry the date on which services were rendered and not the date on which the project was first discussed.
  • Our preferred means of receiving invoices is via courier. You can send all invoices to ‘Accounts Payable’ at the Noida headquarters.
  • Limitless Mobility Solutions pays its suppliers through cheque or electronic bank remittance. Make sure that the bank details you fill while enrolling yourself into our system are correct. Once your invoice is approved and/or submitted to our Noida headquarters, you will normally receive payment within 60 business days.

Confidentiality: All work and work products of Limitless Mobility Solutions are subject to a strict confidentiality clause. By confidential information, we mean any information disclosed by one party to the other party. It could be in any form, including documents, business plans, source code, software, technical/financial/marketing/customer/business information, specifications, analysis, designs, drawings, data, computer programs, or any other information relating to personnel or affiliates of a party. However, the information will not be considered confidential if:

  • It was publicly known or comes into the public domain
  • It comes from a third party without breach of this agreement
  • When the Receiving Party came into the possession of this information, it was not governed by confidentiality restrictions
  • There is explicit permission for disclosure in writing
  • The information is autonomously developed by the Receiving Party without using any confidential data
  • It is divulged by pursuant to a court order or requirement from an administrative or governmental agency

The Receiving Party must agree that the only purpose of receiving confidential information would be to conduct business with Limitless Mobility Solutions.

Termination: The agreement to business can be terminated by either party by giving a notice of 60 days to the other party. In the case of a breach of the agreement, either party can terminate business immediately if said breach remains unresolved for 30 days from the date it first came into notice. In such a situation, payments shall be made on pro-rata basis.



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