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Intelligent vending market

Intelligent Vending Market Set to Witness Exponential Growth Across The Globe

With consumers today demanding exceptional shopping experiences, it was only a matter of time that historic vending machines underwent a complete makeover. Adoption of smart technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), telemetry, digital signage, cashless payments, e-wallets, etc., have led to the birth of a new breed of vending machines that are a perfect…
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December 21, 2017 0
Which routing solution is best for my business

Which routing solution is best for my business?

Optimizing the operations of a multi-stop vehicle fleet requires solving a variety of complex routing problems before the most efficient and cost-effective itinerary can be developed. From constraints with pickup and delivery time windows, to ensuring that the space available to multiple commodities in the vehicle has been fully utilized, route planning for a vehicle…
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December 15, 2017 0
Internet of Things

What is the future of IoT in Enterprise?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has proven to be a catalyst for innovation by serving as our eyes and ears around the world. IoT and its network of sensors act as enablers for other technology trends as well. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, all bank on IoT for providing them with accurate data which…
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December 13, 2017 0
Google’s new machine learning service makes videos searchable

Google’s New Machine Learning Service Makes Videos Searchable

How about a readymade machine learning system that would let you extract actionable insights from the videos you have stored in Google Cloud Storage without you having to learn anything about computer vision? Well, Google intends to do exactly that with its Cloud Video Intelligence REST API. Simply upload a video and let Google scan…
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December 6, 2017 0
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