3 Prominent Benefits of Machine Learning in the Healthcare Domain

June 23, 2020 Internet of Things Machine Learning 0

Understanding Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of the bigger whole that we know as Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning imparts systems with the ability to learn and improve from their own data processing experiences and gain meaningful insights from the datasets that can be used in real-life scenarios. It doesn’t require explicit programming for the machines to apply their learning in new scenarios with the help of machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Benefits in Healthcare

Let’s delve deeper to understand some of the prominent benefits of machine learning in the healthcare sector.

1. Enhanced Medical Diagnostic

Machine learning technology is being used in the healthcare domain to identify and diagnose health issues that requires a high degree of precision. At times, due to random human error, the diseases are often left unidentified and unattended cause long term medial challenges for the patients. IBM Watson Genomics is the perfect example of how advanced technology is being used in healthcare to address the existing challenges. As per the research reports of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), the machine learning algorithms have a high accuracy in assessing diabetic retinopathy and macular edema in pictures of the retinal fundus.

2. Drug Development

Machine learning can be used to amplify and enhance the various stages of the drug delivery process. Some of the primary processes like building the chemical structure for a drug and investigating the effect of a drug through preclinical research and clinical trials can be boosted with the help of machine learning.

The clinical trials and primary research on the effect of the drug-related process lead to a lot of data collection and analysis. Machine learning can easily identify trends and patterns in those data sets and help to provide valuable insights to the customer. Also, these data sets include dynamic information related to imaging and genetic data which can be easily analysed with the help of machine learning.

3. Robotic Medical Surgery

This is one of the most advanced escalations of technology in the healthcare domain. Robotic medical surgery is not just an imaginary concept now; it is being tested by leveraging machine learning algorithms. Time-sensitive operations and those involving high-degree of precision can be easily facilitated using robots. It also takes care of human-level challenges such as shaking hands while operating. The emphasis is laid on machine vision to easily identify vital organs and measure the distances.


The article aims to edify the reader on some of the most prominent applications and
benefits of using machine learning in the healthcare domain. It also briefly explains the
concept of machine learning.

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