People & Culture

We invest in superior talent because we believe extraordinary people create extraordinary organizations. We value those who think outside the box. We nurture those who have an insatiable hunger to do more. We cherish those who have a clear vision for the future.

Our contributors often say that they find their work stimulating and challenging in a deeply satisfying way. We believe it is because we provide an open platform to our contributors where they can utilize not only their talent and skills but also their interests.

We operate in a radically transparent, hierarchy-free environment where communication is the key. We understand that innovation cannot be boxed into a timetable. We know creative ideas don’t follow meeting schedules. So we ensure a unique atmosphere conducive for ideation by facilitating opportunities for our developers and creative talent to come together and talk.

With one eye firmly toward the future, we conduct regular training sessions on new technologies and upcoming skill sets for our contributors. We also take an active interest their lives and career goals to make sure that their professional goals are always seamlessly aligned with their personal growth.

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