Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation is a critical necessity. Is your business prepared?

With global customer bases increasing the volume of work and data sets shooting up rapidly courtesy sensor proliferation and the Internet of Things, enterprise automation is being seen as a valuable tool that will help businesses cope up. So much so, by 2020, automation would graduate from its cadre of being a choice to becoming…
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June 23, 2017 0
Android Nougat 7

7 Massive Improvements in Android Nougat You Need to Know

While developing Android 7.0 Nougat, Google involved fans and developers from all over the world like never before. From asking people to come up with a name for Android ‘N’ to inviting developers for s7neak peak months in advance, Google tried its best to make Nougat a true people’s project. And though there are over…
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June 13, 2017 0
machines smart with IoT

Limitless Mobility Makes ‘dumb’ Machines Smart With IoT

Even as the world marches forward in the 21st century, vending machines have long been considered to be stuck in the past. Their inexplicable refusal to dispense the requested items every now and then has made them a butt of jokes in pop culture, leading customers to kick or bang them in frustration. The global…
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June 10, 2017 0
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