Sales Force Automation

You can truly appreciate the value of having access to the right information at the right time only when you have sales agents and distribution teams out in the field. Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) products make real-time data available to your people, so they can make informed decisions and streamline their activities conveniently and efficiently. We have taken the best practices from globally-renowned FMCG strategies and made them better with cutting-edge innovation. With dedicated modules for different set of users, our SFA solutions promise envious sales growth for any distributor or manufacturer.

Further, we understand you do not want to spend time digging for actionable insights from all the data you collect on an everyday basis. This is why we churn the numbers for you and give you direct visibility into key metrics and business intelligence derived from your data.

Our SFA Modules

Van Sales

'Distribution Management' is a better option than Van Sales

Packed with rich functionalities to give the best user experience to the sales force

Journey Plan Execution Sales Call Process Smart Van Loading Credit Control & Collection
  • Route plan for the current day
  • Detailed customer-specific information and sales analytics
  • GPS-based time motion analysis
  • Skip customer (record reason for skipping)
  • Route coverage geo-lock
  • Order recommendation
  • Promotion and recommendations
  • Must-sell SKU compliance
  • Capture inventory store, channel and brand level discounts
  • Up-selling, GRVs
  • Product expiry date information
  • Go-to-market execution
  • Scientifically-generated smart van load for predictive and efficient van loading process
  • Stock load verification
  • Odometer reading (capture start and end of day reading)
  • Stock transfer in/transfer out (moving stock from one van to other)
  • Customer credit control by period/account statement/credit limit
  • Invoice collection by cash, cheque/electronic coupon
  • Summary of order placed today
  • Summary of payment collection
  • Delivery status


'Pre-Sales Management' is a better option than 'Pre-Sales'

Empower your pre-sales personnel with the tools they need to give you exceptional results

Journey Plan Execution Sales Call Process Recommendation & Up-selling Credit Control & Collection
  • Customer information on-the-go
  • Performance score card
  • Capture assets (Freezer, Chiller) details
  • Capture inventory at the customer location
  • Add new prospects with basic details
  • Geocode based check-in – check-out
  • End of trip settlement
  • Pending invoices
  • Order summary
  • Return orders
  • No sale (option to update with reason)
  • Advance order
  • Missed order capture
  • Competitor surveys
  • Facility to view and recommend promotions
  • Facility to offer discounts
  • On-the-fly discounts (based on approvals, time-bound)
  • Free of cost orders (complementary gifts/products)
  • Tele orders
  • Customer credit control by period
  • Invoice collection by cash and cheque
  • Summary of orders
  • Summary of payment collection
  • Customer credit management approval

Sales Merchandiser

'Sales Merchandise Management' is a better option than 'Sales Merchandiser'

Ensure that on-shelf availability and planogram execution are followed to the T

Journey Plan & Route Planning Coverage Discipline Planogram & Visibility Execution Category Management Promotion & Competition Intelligence
  • Route plan for the current day
  • Detailed customer-specific information and sales analytics
  • GPS-based time motion analysis
  • Skip customer (record reason for skipping)
  • Route coverage geo-lock
  • Time-motion analysis
  • Geocode-based journey plan adherence
  • Coverage norm enforcement
  • Skipped call analysis
  • Planogram execution
  • Real-time photo capture as proof
  • Impact execution and photo capture
  • On-the-shelf availability
  • Share of shelf and number of cases opened
  • Freshness and aging analysis
  • Promotion execution
  • Competition intelligence and analysis

Delivery Agent

'Logistics Management' is a better option than 'Delivery Agent'

Automated tools that give you real-time visibility into the inventory down to the truck level

Journey Plan Execution Sales Call Process Credit Control & Collection
  • Trip list: customer information on-the-go
  • Load status check – verification of stock by order
  • Odometer reading capture
  • Geocode based check-in – check-out at store level
  • Order summary
  • Order quantity invoice quantity
  • Return orders
  • Cut invoice
  • Discount as per channel
  • Inventory visibility at truck level
  • Addition of new customers
  • GRV summary
  • Customer credit control by period/account statement/credit limit
  • Invoice collection by cash, cheque
  • Summary of order
  • Summary of payment collection
  • Customer outstanding dues


'Supervisory Management' is a better option than 'Supervisory'

Giving managers complete visibility into the sales process so they can identify and fulfil gaps in targets

Sales Activities Performance Metrics Credit Control & Collection
  • Assigned pre-seller’s list
  • Journey plan for the day
  • Detailed customer-specific information and sales analytics
  • GPS-based time-motion analysis
  • Customer survey record
  • Performance of the pre-sellers
  • Pre-sellers target status
  • Pre-sellers daily journey plan
  • Customer history
  • Route coverage geo-lock
  • Customer credit control by period/account statement/credit limit
  • Invoices generated
  • Summary of order placed today
  • Summary of payment collection


Our intelligent vehicle route planning, scheduling and optimization tells you the most efficient route after taking several factors into consideration, including shortest distance, real-time traffic conditions, and commercial vehicle restrictions. A perfect blend of cutting-edge location technologies, ease of implementation and use, our routing solution is powered by the most innovative optimization algorithms available in the logistics industry today. Create personalized routes including stops, wait times, drivers and helper assignment, vehicle type, and watch your business grow.

  • Enhanced fleet utilization
  • Reduced spending
  • Forward planning
  • Performance tracking
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduction in planning time
  • Dynamic insights and analytics

Asset Management

The only asset management system you will ever need

Track and manage assets and assign work orders directly to appropriate technicians. Automate and optimize workflows to ensure that your business gets the maximum value out of minimum effort and resources. Get:

  • Complete overview of assets and customer list
  • Inventory updates in real-time
  • Region-wise, priority-wise work orders
  • Upload picture as proof, add comments
  • Complete record of check-in, check-out time
Admin & Supervisor Dashboard Reports & Analytics Inventory management Web & Mobile Interface
High-tech dashboard which gives a complete overview of all incoming requests from call centers and field technicians in real-time Personalized reports powered by back-end analytics that gives you a snapshot of work orders by priority or region, and lets you see top-performing technicians The solution allows technicians to raise inventory/stock requests in real-time which their managers can then act upon While the admin and managers have access to both web and mobile interface, the technicians use the mobile app which lets them see their Journey Plan

Spend Management

Why pay more when you can spend less?

Powered by transformational procurement and supply management technologies, including procurement management, spend analysis, sourcing, bidding, supplier management, collaboration management, and optimization-based analysis, our spend management solution gives you complete visibility into your company’s purchases, so you can easily control and manage the budgets.

Buyer & Supplier Dashboard Reports & Analytics E-Procurement Web & Mobile Interface
State-of-the-art dashboard which gives complete overview of buyer and supplier interaction Customized reports and back-end analytics to give deep insights into the procurement process E-auctions where suppliers are invited to participate and to get procurement order by putting the most optimum price Application is available on all the web browsers and on Android- and iOS-based smart phones

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