Universal Vending Management Solutions Meet Future Needs Seamlessly

April 29, 2019 Vending Machine 0
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Universal vending management solutions require substantial application of telemetry and machine learning, which is a mainstay of Limitless Mobility. One basic performance parameter of a vending machine is whether it can vend all of the product types it was designed to vend. The other important parameter is whether it supports most of the payment modes that customers prefer. Depending on where a vending machine is located and the kind of folks that use it, the breakdown rate can vary but it is not always due to misuse by unruly or irate customers that cause these breakdowns. It could be due to poor integration of software or telemetry as well.

Maximizing the scope of vending machines

The scope of adding value that a vending machine offers to a retail outlet is indeed enormous. A vending machine at places like railway stations or airports will save the brand substantially in terms of labour and infrastructure. However, it should not overlook the need to invest in technology and innovation as vending machines will need to meet the demands of time. Limitless Mobility has the right talent and experience in the right measure to develop the necessary vending machine software that is scalable. It is necessary to factor in the likely future demand of products that the vending machine is designed for as well as how the packaging of the product is evolving.

Impact of packaging on vending

The packaging of a product impacts the functioning of a vending machine considerably. It begins with how the hardware in the machine handles the different dimensions and weight categories of the products that are vended through the machine. It’s not easy to visualize future trends in packaging as brands may repackage their products on the basis of customer feedback or as per their own assessment of market needs. In future, many customers, who are increasingly conscious of consumer rights, might demand the ingredient list of a tasty drink on the vending machine display before deciding to buy the product. Universal vending management from Limitless Mobility can create optimum solutions for such a scenario.

Brands need their vending machines to do much more than just vend out the products that the customers pay for. Probing the different aspects of a customers’ retail journey and factoring them into the functionality of a vending machine helps Limitless Mobility come up with optimum vending machine software.


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