Amazing Possibilities With Vending Machines in Sports Stadiums

January 6, 2020 Vending Machine 0
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The average Indian Professional League (IPL) match plays to a full house on most occasions with fans of the home team wildly cheering their teams. In such supercharged atmosphere, many throats go dry and the demand for fluids like aerated drinks, preserved fruit drinks, hot and cold beverages, etc. zooms up. Of course, there are vendors selling such stuff but most stadiums limit the number of vendors as their movement all over the stands throughout the match affects the spectators’ viewing experience. This is where automated vending machine units in specific locations on the stands can make up for supply shortfall.

Automation solutions for vending machines

Aerated drinks in PET bottles and packaged snack foods are the common types of products found to be most compatible with vending machines. In a sports stadium, these are the items that are in maximum demand and chances are that the average vending machine in a stadium may need to be restocked at least once during the course of an IPL match. Manual restocking is not an option in a crowded stadium as it will be a very challenging task and defeat the very objective of the machine. Universal vending solutions from Limitless Mobility can meet diverse requirements with their automated solutions.

Optimizing vending machine installations in stadiums

It’s not merely about transporting the automated vending machine units to a stadium hosting an IPL match and installing it there. It requires a planned and methodical approach for installing vending machines in a sports stadium optimally, so as to ensure:

  • Easy accessibility of the vending machines for the spectators in specific sections of the stands
  • Automated restocking of the vending machines in case they empty out due to likely high demand
  • Flexible payment options including cashless payments via mobile and credit/debit card
  • Dedicated software to manage the operations of multiple vending machines installed all over the stadium

Vending machines in sports stadiums not just compliment manual snack-food and soft drink vendors but also add value to the spectators’ overall experience in the stadium. Universal vending solutions help in mapping out the specific locations before installing the vending machines, which will ensure spectator convenience and boost sales.


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