Sales Force Automation Software is Critical for Sales Efficiency

July 2, 2019 Sales Force Automation 0
sales force automation software

One of the main objectives of using SFA or sales force automation software is to analyse the sales forecast of your organization and the quantum of sales achieved by your sales team. There are many other related functions of such software but the primary objectives are to have a better grip over the entire sales process. The scope of this software also covers lead management, processing of orders, sharing of updates, inventory management, tracking of orders, customer engagement and feedback. On a daily basis, sales organizations accumulate huge loads of data from which it is quite difficult to extract the useful and actionable information. With SFA software you can easily obtain such information in quick time.

Pre-sales management is vital for good results

Every sales team has a pre-sales process in which, the team engages customers with the product or service offering. This is a critical stage of the sales process wherein customers make the purchase decision and proceed to make the payment. The cycle is completed when the customer receives delivery of the product. The entire process involves all activities that eventually lead to sales – the product or service proposal followed by pitch, outlining the solution, showing the proof of concept (POC), demo and defining the service level agreement (SLA) among others. Occasionally, SFA is integrated with customer relationship management or CRM solutions in India to meet the critical objectives of sales teams.

How automation adds to efficiency

The advantages of sales force automation software actually percolate down to more minute but critical processes within the major functions. For instance, the pre-sales team will always need updated information on things like pending invoices, order summaries, return orders, advance orders, missed order capture, summary of payment collection, among many others. Upselling is an important pre-sales function but it can happen only with updated information about the specific products to be upsold. Many sales organizations that integrated CRM solutions in India achieve their upselling objectives more efficiently with easier access to inventory data.


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