The Advantages of Digital Signage Solutions for Today’s Marketers

May 22, 2019 Digital signage 0
Digital Signage Solutions

Outdoor advertising in India is undergoing steady changes in display infrastructure from static print to dynamic digital mode. That’s easy to understand because of the massive advantages offered by digital signage solutions as compared to static print signage. Most outdoor advertising locations in India have static print displays that present several hurdles in terms of the logistics that go into creating a display. That’s a drain of time, money and effort for all stakeholders like the media agency managing the signage site as well as the advertiser. Moreover, the durability of print signage for very large displays is another worrisome factor especially in stormy conditions when the flex gets easily damaged.

Dynamic signage offers much larger scope

Among the digital tools for communication, the outdoor dynamic signage takes large format display advertising to an entirely different level altogether. To begin with, there won’t be just a single message on the signage for whatever duration the advertiser books it, as is the case with static print signage. Digital signage enables multiple messaging through a remotely controlled content management system (CMS) operated by whoever owns the signage site. In most cases, signage sites are managed by media houses that get usage rights over the site on contract basis spanning anywhere between one to three years.

Digital signage boards attract far more audience attention

Digital signage boards attract far more audience attention

Higher recall and more frequent displays

Another remarkable feature of digital signage solutions is that the brightness is brilliant and it is many times more likely to attract the attention of viewers. Together with the option of displaying multiple messages of different brands across industries, this changes the dynamics of large format signage display advertising. If a particular signage has a dozen messages of a dozen brands to be shown in specific intervals throughout the day, it’s an advantage for both the media house that owns the display rights on the signage as well as the brands.

Lower cost and higher ROI 

The revenue generated by multiple advertisers will be much more than just one which is beneficial to the media house. On the other hand, the advertiser doesn’t have to bear the cost of the signage space all alone like it happens in the case of static print signage. Static print signage space in many parts of India are overpriced and have stagnated the market considerably. Digital signage solutions will revive the market with dynamic display options that will lead to rational pricing of signage space. In fact, the media houses can pass on a significant portion of the price advantage to their clients and gain on overall volume.

State-of-the-art tools

All businesses today appreciate the value of digital tools for communication especially if such tools are rationally priced and have the necessary scale. The media houses that invest huge sums of money to get the contracts for signage space, especially billboards, end up pricing their signage spaces much too high. They must consider investing in digital display solutions as the return on investment (ROI) on such displays is way higher than the amount they spend on static print signage. Limitless Mobility offers the best-in-class digital signage solutions that make it easy and economical for media houses and other users to operate these systems.


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