Defining Features of a Smart Vending Machine

April 13, 2020 Vending Machine 0
Smart Vending Machine

Technological evolution has drastically transformed the way we interact with objects in our surrounding and also our general behaviour to a great extent. Smart devices are the norm in society, be it your phone, TV, music player, etc. everything is smarter. This general evolution has also changed the vending machines that we quite frequently use at places like metros, workstation, malls, etc. to purchase goods. It has also followed the norm and transformed itself into a smarter version. Let’s delve deeper into some of the defining characteristics of a smart vending machine.

Temperature regulation

The traditional vending machines were less dynamic in terms of storing varieties of products. They were mostly limited to products with high shelf life, meaning they stored products that had a long expiration period. In modern times, vending machines are more dynamic in terms of product varieties; they store fresh products in addition to those with high shelf lives. This makes the temperature regulation feature a necessity in smart vending machines.

Interactive user interface

The interactive user interface is a feature that is common to all the products categorised under the ‘Smart’ section. To make it interactive smart vending machines are equipped with touchscreen and hand gesture interface that allows them to purchase their choice. In addition to this, various smartphone applications can allow users to make a purchase using the smart vending machines.

Inventory tracking

The traditional vending machines had a major shortcoming when it came to managing the inventory in real-time. The contemporary smart vending machines allow the owner to keep a track of the inventory of various products stored in the machine. This helps to reduce the loss of sales due to lack of proper inventory in place. The smart vending machines can be integrated with mobile vending solutions that allow the owner to do the needful.

Targeted marketing

This is one of the most essential features that a smart vending machine needs to have in a world powered by data. The smart vending machines can help the business to perform targeted marketing using the historical sales data that can provide insights into the products purchase and the consumption patterns of the consumers.


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